Food & Nutrition

Nutrition is a core pillar of human development and concrete large-scale programming not only can reduce the burden of under nutrition and deprivation.

Environment & Sanitation

During the year under review sanitation was thoroughly covered in the backward and neglected areas in Dimna and jamshedpur districts of East Singhbhum (Jharkhand).


VISTAR Foundation believes that children and women are the building blocks of society and carrier of change for a better world


VISTAR Foundation had taken up some of the educational activities in backward slum areas and remote villages. It had initiated a number of awareness campaigns for the parents, emphasizing the need and importance of education.


VISTAR Foundation is deeply involved and dedicated to the cause of health and had been making concerted efforts to improve the health and retard the growth of ailments and diseases. Health is not isolated, human behavior and community environment are closely webbed with the health.

Skill Development

The present system of educations leads nowhere without yielding any tangible results. It generates unemployment without any monetary gains. It is therefore imperative that besides the formal academic education, vocational training is provided to the youths, both boys and girls, so that upon successful completion, these young entrepreneurs can start their own business.

Wellcome to our Charity

The Vistar Foundation focuses on improving the prevailing conditions of the down-trodden and the poorest of the poor of society, both in urban and rural India. Special efforts are made to reach out to all those who have been deprived of proper education, healthcare, hygiene and sanitation, over a prolonged period of time. A team of intellectuals, specialists in different fields and social and cultural activists joined hands, vowed and dedicated themselves to the cause of upliftment of the down-trodden and neglected people of society. The initiatives taken by these individuals have paid rich dividends and paved the way for overall development and a brighter future for all those who have been brought under the wings of the Foundation.


Our Events

Books for Kids

VISTAR Foundation is taking its measures progressively to work for the unseen threat for the children.


VISTAR Foundation celebrated 15th August, 2018 in Lower and Upper Dimna Basti, Sankosai, Rippit Colony, Kumrum Basti, Kharia Basti, Chhya Nagar, Pardih etc. .

Clean Jharkhand

Child reporters from nearest school also participated in the Swatch bharat abhiyan programme.

Our Causes

Child Education & Development

There is no item, a theme or even a subject that does not fall within the ambit of Education.

Education for all

These are therefore the foundation stones/pillars on which a Nation rests and if one pillar is weak, the Nation will stagger. .

Donation for childrens

Please consider making a financial donation, an in-kind donation, or learning more about our planned giving opportunities.

We love to help all the children that have problems. After 15 years we have many goals achieved.

The Foundation has also involved and associated itself especially in those areas that concern deprived women and children across a cross-section of the society.


Children helped